Living in the Algarve Silves

Silves Hill, Castle and Church - Abacoz Properties

Silves, the former capital of the “Kingdom of the Algarve”, is an historic and delightful town. Under the Moors (9-12th Century), Silves was a major defensive stronghold and important trading centre, with boats sailing down the Arade River and crossing to North Africa.

The peaceful town is situated on a hill above the Arade River. Silves Castle is located on the top of the hill which is perfect to explore. The walls are made of red sandstone (grés de Silves) with a pisé-core and were heavily restored in the 1940s. The remnants of this illustrious past can be seen scattered throughout the town. This includes the imposing red brick castle, the impregnatable town walls, and the Gothic cathedral, built on the side of a magnificent mosque. 

The city of Silves is also known to have the sweetest oranges in the country, the open-air cafes, cobble streets and a relaxed pace of life. The characteristics of this city, qualify Silves as being a good city to live, with a high quality of life, calm and quiet.

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Salema Tavira