Living in the Algarve Loulé

Loulé is the largest municipality in the Algarve with nine parishes, stretching from the coastal towns of Almancil and Quarteira to the mountains.  As it is nestled between the coast and the mountains it is ideal for excursions, hiking and mountain biking.  Loulé is part of the famous "golden triangle of the Algarve": Quinta do Lago, Vale do Lobo and Vilamoura known internationally for their luxury resorts and golf courses. In Loulé it is mandatory to visit the famous Mercado Municipal (Market), which is the symbol of the city and was built at the end of the 19th century in an architectural style that integrates classic elements of Moorish composition.  Other points of interest are the Castle of Arab origin, rebuilt in the XIII century; the Convent of Espirito Santo; the Graça Convent, a rare testimony to the medieval architecture in the Algarve; the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Mercy, and the Chapels of Sant'Ana and Gama Lobo Palace, called "Solar dos Lobos", which was built in 1725.

Every year during Carnival in February, the centre of Loulé is the stage of the Carnival parade. The parade is inspired by the Brasilian Carnival and it  is considered the most beautiful in Portugal.  

As expected, much of Loulé's gastronomic tradition comes from the sea.  Local stews are made with the most varied fish, from the stingray to the spider fish.  The razor clams are prepared in soup or rice, and the cataplanas are garnished with the most varied seafood.  From the interior area of the Caldeirão Mountains, come the meat dishes.  Try the pork with clams, braised ear with cabbage and cherry chicken which is a typical dish from Loulé. Come and discover what it is like to live in Loulé, one of the most attractive cities in the interior of the Algarve!

Living in Loulé, in a city full of history and with so much to offer, is undoubtedly a decision to make.

Lagos Monchique