Living in the Algarve Faro

Faro is the capital of the Algarve region in the south of Portugal and where the region's airport is located. The city is of pre-Roman origin, known by Ossónoba, that was one of the most important urban centers in the south of Iberian Peninsula.

This area is bordered in the south by a strip of dunes 19 km long and dotted by a group of islands and islets separating the sea and the Ria Formosa. The main islands are reachable by boat, although one of them is accessible by car, they are excellent areas to enjoy very pleasant days in contact with nature and the important Ria Formosa area via boat trips, cycling or walking, and extensive bird watching.

The local gastronomy is dependant on the fish collected in the Ria Formosa. The white sandy beaches and warm waters, awarded with the blue flag, are, in some areas, inhabited only by migratory birds waiting to be discovered on the islands of the Ria Formosa

The Arco da Vila leads you to the cobbled streets of the old town. Nearby is the Cathedral of Faro, built in the 12th century and the Municipal Museum, which was a 16th-century convent, and exhibits prehistoric and medieval artifacts as well as sacred art.

Faro has retained its peaceful atmosphere and traditional charm, which lies within the walls of the Old City and in the area surrounding the Marina. It is quite scenic with more monuments and historical buildings than many other cities in the Algarve, whilst the charming shopping area is filled with cafes and outdoor restaurants, to suit any taste. The ancient city of Faro is waiting to be discovered by you!

Living in Faro, in a millenary city full of history is undoubtedly a decision to make. 

Burgau Lagoa